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We have been a Professional Photographer for a solid 20 years in Surat . Professional Maternity, Newborn and Babies Photographer in Surat

Our site www.shitalphoto.com showcases our Maternity and newborn work also Preweddings and wedding highlights of the life moments.

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Handling kids is not easy especially when you are a stranger to them. Find someone who knows how to be friends with your child. Children can be unpredictable, a trained child photographer becomes friends with your child. He handles your child at the photoshoot, comforts them, calms them off etc. So, find someone who is warm and friendly and who you think will be best friends with your child.

It’s hard enough to get a grown person to be patient during a photo shoot. Children can be even more challenging, and babies are probably the most difficult subjects of all. How do you explain to that tired, hungry, wiggly baby that if they can be still or not cry for just one more picture, it’ll all be over? Let’s not forget the parents. They can be tired and grumpy too, but they want the best picture they can get of their little bundle of joy.

There are lots of tricks photographers can use to get a baby’s attention. Professional portrait photographers who specialize in baby photo shoots that getting that perfect shot may have to happen within a fraction of a second. The photographers in the ” Shital Photo” have proven themselves to have the patience and talent to produce high quality baby portraits.

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